giovedì 22 giugno 2017

{Books Deals} - English Edition #6

La pioggia di questa notte non ha sortito l'effetto sperato, ma ho un piccolo ventilatore come aiutante e ho tantissima voglia di scrivere! Iniziamo questo giovedì con una nuova puntata di Books Deals - English Edition, una rubrica che - uscendo saltuariamente - vi farà conoscere alcuni ebook (in lingua) scontati che potrebbero interessare gli amanti delle letture in lingua. Ad ogni puntata cercherò di selezionare opere appartenenti a generi diversi così da poter felici tutti ^.*

The Prince
di Skye Warren
0,99 euro [ Amazon ]

Penny doesn't dream about a prince coming to save her from the trailer park. She knows better than that.

And the boy she finds hiding in the woods out back is too wild and dangerous to trust. But he may be her only chance at survival.

From New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren comes an emotional new spin-off series. THE PRINCE is a 13,000-word prologue to the new Masterpiece duet.

The Other Inheritance
di Rebecca Jaycox
Teen, Young Adult
2,99 euro [ Amazon ] 

One girl. Two worlds. Hunted in both.
Seventeen-year-old Reggie Lang is used to dealing with her alcoholic mother and fighting school bullies, but fate has thrown her a curve ball.
A biker dude shows up in her dreams, babbling about magic and a world called the Other. As the incidents keep piling up—like bringing a frog back to life in class—Reggie has to confront the mounting evidence that she’s not the normal girl she craves to be.
Reggie's life is changing, and she has no idea why. Or whether she should believe the man in her dreams, who claims she's in danger and that only he can keep her safe. But if there's one thing Reggie will learn, nowhere is safe.
The Other Inheritance is the exciting first book of the young adult urban fantasy series, The Inheritance. Fast-paced, with great characters and an absorbing plot, this novel by Rebecca Jaycox is sure to keep you turning the pages.
Buy now to enter The Other and join the journey with Reggie. 

Note: This book is recommended for readers aged 15 and above due to some mature content.

Freeing Jude {The Marlowe's Serie #3}
di Alexandria Bishop
Teen, Young Adult
2,99 euro (0,00 euro Kindle Unlimited) [ Amazon ]

Abbie Moretti's dreams of an Olympic gold medal came crashing to the ground as a result of a past taboo relationship. With a fresh start, her thoughts are no longer consumed by gymnastics and the future she'll never have.

Jude Winters recently emancipated and freed from his past is finally going after his dreams. Marlowe, the pop punk band he's in is taking off and now he's determined to get the girl.

A major event will change their lives forever. Are Abbie and Jude strong enough to make it through and be free of their demons? Or will the weight of it all be their undoing?

The Witchling Apprentice
{The Skinwalkers Witchling Book 1}
di B. Kristin McMichael
Urban Fantasy
0,99 euro [ Amazon ]

Witches, potions, and magical spells — that all made sense. But seeing men turn into animal-like monsters in the middle of the night? That had to be fiction, right? Cassandra Booth thought her life in the world of the witches would be complete when she joined her coven. Fate had other plans for her. Joining the coven brings new knowledge, like mates and men who turn into animals, all things Cassie would rather have been clueless about. As her plans unravel, she must find a way to join the coven in a way that doesn't involve committing her life to an old friend that she now hates.

Questi i titolo selezionati per quest'oggi, cosa ne pensate?
Qualcuno è riuscito ad attirare la vostra curiosità di lettori? Fatemi sapere ^.^

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