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{Book Blitz + Giveaway US/Canada} "Ensnared" di Rita Stradling

Buongiorno e felice 1° maggio a tutti! Sono davvero felice di prendere parte al Book Blitz dedicato ad un nuovo retelling de La Bella e la Bestia! Si tratta di Ensnared di Rita Stradling.. conosciamo meglio questo new adult in uscita il 23 maggio 2017!

Rita Stradling
Data di Pubblicazione: 23 Maggio 2017
Genere: New Adult, Science Fiction
Un retelling nel vicino futuro de La Bella e la Bestia.
Il padre di Alainn non è un uomo cattivo. E' un genio ed un inventore. Quando viene ingaggiato per creare il robot Rose, Alainn sa che prendere del denaro è un errore.
Rose agisce come un essere umano. Sembra esattamente come Alainn. Ma, qualcosa in lei è venuto fuori sbagliato.
Per salvare suo padre dalla sentenza di cinque anni di prigione, Alainn prende il posto di Rose. Lei dice addio al sole e va a vivere in una torre in cui nessun uomo può entrare. Lei diventa la prigioniera di un uomo a cui nessun umano è permesso vedere.
Credendo che una vita di servitù sia davanti a lei, Alainn trova un destino molto diverso in compagnia dello strano e sfregiato recluso.

December 2, 2026
Alainn woke knowing someone was in her room.
Whoever it was sat behind her. Quiet, even breaths rasped through the air. Alainn’s eyelids peeked open. Moonlight cast a grayish glow, cutting deep shadows into the space around her bed.
“Good morning, Alainn,” Rose said in a quiet voice. When Alainn didn’t respond, Rose said, “I can tell from the change in your breathing pattern that you are awake.”
“Rose?” she whispered, not quite ready to let out a sigh of relief. Alainn twisted to look at her. “What are you doing here? Did you break my lock?”
“I picked it,” she said. “It is now locked again.”
“Oh, uh—” Her heart pounded in her chest; she sat up and faced the robot. “Why—why would you do that?”
The moonlight lit half of Rose’s face as she watched Alainn, expressionless. “Do not be alarmed. You are obviously having a fear reaction, but I was simply waiting for you to wake up.”
“Don’t you need to sleep—recharge?”
Now that Alainn faced Rose, she smelled the faint odor of her exhaust. Rose continuously exhaled the lightest tang of something sweet and acidic. The air in the room felt used, like a plane cabin after a cross-country flight.
“I was not completely forthcoming with you today. While what I said was true, I have for a time now believed that having Father imprisoned would impede my potential. While I have far surpassed his skills in software, there are times when I need assistance. I am limited by my need to stay near my charging station. Your brother is often absent for days at a time—and you, months.”
“Okay, wait—you’re going to go tomorrow?” Alainn scooted forward on the bed. A dormant hope resurged through her. Alainn would do anything—she’d worship at the robot’s feet if Rose agreed to go.
“No, you are going to go tomorrow.”
Alainn froze, staring at Rose. “What?” she whispered.
“I have calculated one way in which all parties can achieve their desires.”
“I’m sorry—I’m not understanding.” Alainn shook her head. A hard knot formed in her stomach.
“I am not surprised.” Rose reached out to pat Alainn’s hand. “You are not as intelligent as the rest of your family.”
“Spell it out in really simple terms, then.” She just managed to not growl the words at Rose.
Slowly, Rose looked up to the ceiling, moonlight slashing up the curve of her neck, her chin, and the line of her nose. “Earlier tonight, I arranged for you to be picked up by Mr. Garbhan through e-mail, writing as if I was Father. In one hour, a car will arrive outside to take you to his building. I have designed and created hardware for your body. If you are scanned, a chip in the hardware will communicate to the scanners that you have an organic circuitry system rather than a human brain.”
Alainn shook her head, hoping to dislodge some of the grogginess there. “I’m still not following—you’re saying you want me to pretend to be you and turn myself over? That you already arranged it?”
“Yes, you are following. That is exactly what I am saying.”
“I—I—” Alainn shook her head again. The air thinned around her.
“I have a working plan for the transplanting. You can assimilate easily into a life of servitude as you are already accustomed to the labor you will be asked to perform.” Rose lifted a hand, ghostly gray in the low light, and ticked off the chores on her fingers. “Cooking, housekeeping, and bookkeeping. Unless . . . is your concern that he might use you for sexual gratification?”
“What? No.”
“I believe that this would be a particular concern of yours.”
“I never even considered that he would do that to you—I, of all people, would never have tried to push you into going if I thought you’d be used that way.” Alainn blinked furiously. “Rose, do you really think that I would have let myself be the model when my dad printed your face and body if I thought Mr. Garbhan was going to do that to you?”
“It is highly unlikely that I was designed for this function. I have also been assured that there were documents signed to that effect addressed to Father.”
Alainn held out her palms to Rose. “Rose, it’s not just that. I can’t take your place. There’s no way that would work . . . and I can’t live in that tower for the rest of my life. I’m a human. I know that probably sounds callous to you, but you were created to not need sunshine and fresh air. And you don’t need exercise. Humans need those things, me especially. Everything I am,” she touched her chest, “is centered on being in the outdoors.”
“The duration will be seven to fourteen days, no longer.” Her head swung down, causing shadows to swallow her eyes. Two black hollows focused on Alainn. “When Mr. Garbhan pays Father, he and I will make the Rosette model; this process should only take a week, unless there are complications. And then I will devise a way to switch you with the new model.”

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Biografia dell'Autrice:
Rita Stradling è l'autrice della serie The Deception Dance, della serie Dakota Kekoa e The Fourteen Day Soul Detox Novella Serial. Ha ottenuto una BA in Storia dell'Arte e possiede un amore particolare per l'arte moderna e medievale.
Rita vive con il marito e il figlio nella California Settentrionale.
E' un'insaziabile romanzo-dipendente e perlopiù legge young adult: romance, paranormal, urban fantasy e fantasy classico. 

(Traduzioni a cura di Morgana per il blog Over the hills and far away)

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